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How to Choose Cable Nails for Automotive Electrical Use?

Cable Nails

In automotive electrical applications, cable ties are frequently used to bundle and fasten wiring, Cable Tie 1cable, wire harness conductors, hoses, and other items.

The term cable tie distributor describes fasteners that bundle wires and cables together to help keep them organized and safe from harm. Cable ties include zip ties, nylon ties, and cable wraps. Here is some of the factor you need to consider when choosing the cable nail which is listed below:


The most common materials for automotive cable ties are nylon, stainless steel, or Velcro. The most popular substance is nylon. Nylon is frequently mixed with other materials to create cable ties for automotive applications to improve heat resistance, UV radiation, and chemicals. While some widely used cable ties are secured using Velcro, most automobile cable ties use pull-through closure, which is more robust and dependable.

Bundle Dimensions:

The most oversized diameter of the bundle to be tied or restrained is referred to as the maximum diameter when discussing cable tie parameters. Please make sure the cable nails you choose have enough length to wrap around your bundle and still have enough extra to allow you to pull it through the locking mechanism.

Common Cable Ties:

Nylon cable ties that comply with UL standards and are constructed from nylon 6/6 material are recommended for regular automotive use. Multiple single-strand wire harnesses requiring a tensile strength of up to 60 lbs can be secured using them. Standard cable ties often have a self-locking zip-tie locking mechanism. They may quickly be pulled and fastened.

You can choose your cable ties once you have decided on your length, material, environmental considerations, and any mounting needs. Visit the Cable Ties online website for a large selection of automotive cable ties, mounting and fastening systems, and equipment.

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