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Longer wiring and cabling runs can be securely fastened to walls, furniture, skirting, or behind/around other fittings and fixtures with cable clips. They are extensively utilized in residential and commercial settings, and everywhere you would find wires flowing between components that aren't enclosed in a cabinet or other enclosure. In essence, cable nails are a tool for managing and mounting cables that are used to fasten cables and wiring to stationary objects. They have a proper dual function when used correctly. First, they contribute to a cleaner appearance in your home or workplace than unsecured cables. Second, and more crucially, Nirah distributors protect a common source of the trip and electrical risks, helping to keep both people and cables safe.

Different types of cable nails:

DIN rails, which are metal rails used to install terminal blocks, circuit breakers, and other electrical equipment, are necessary for electrical enclosures. These clips are made specifically to handle the wires and cables of the equipment, and they slip into the grooves of the rail.

There are two elements to this style. The clip's keeper bar, typically used on panels, can be removed for cable adjustments or maintenance. The clip is fastened using a machine screw with a flat head.

Foam tape with two sides for rapid, simple installation that can be removed without harming the surface. Cable holder nail are attached to a surface and sit flat against it. With its thick, protective foam, the arm bends to secure the wires or cables while guarding against harm.

Cable bundles are safely held and locked in place by the ratcheting function and perform in applications with significant vibration. Cable nail distributor provides a variety of designs, which is particularly useful because it may be opened again to adjust the routing and won't open again unless the tab is removed.

Flat cable clips are made to keep fiber and cable and safeguard them. Due to its low profile, it is perfect for tightly packed computer chassis or wall-mounted server cabinets with rack enclosures. Additionally, they are used to secure the wire to walls and as Ethernet cable wall clips.

It helps keep cables and wires stable inside PCBs while reducing strain. These are quick and simple to install, thanks to the snap-in fastener.

Ribbon cable, round cable, and tubing are all secured with ribbon cable locking clips in computers. These screw-down cable clips are flexible enough to remove cables when necessary without removing the clip itself, whether made of nylon or acetal.

To firmly hold wires of 1mm in place, the top of the wire-holding clip flips over. They are likewise known as wire cord grasp. These tiny wire clips are simple to attach to your surface because of their self-adhesive backing and are used to run cables along equipment and enclosures.

The optimal cable nail size for any given task depends on the thickness of the conduit, wire, or tube running through it. One of the top manufacturers and suppliers of excellent quality cable nails is Nirah Distributors.


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The outside casing of nail cable clips, also known as wall clips, has a nail or anchoring pin. In professional and do-it-yourself projects, nail-in cable clips are frequently used for tasks like organizing TV and Ethernet connections and running wires for outdoor lighting or power.
An object known as a cable clip handles wires and cables and fastens them to a fixed position on a surface, such as a wall, ceiling, or floor. Various cable clips regulate cables of different sizes, forms, and quantities in domestic and industrial applications.
A practical method of fastening cables and wiring to walls, furniture, skirting, or behind and around other fixtures is cable clips. They are frequently utilized in residential and commercial settings, and everywhere else, you could notice extended wirings connecting various pieces of equipment that aren’t enclosed in housing or cabinets.
As in the previous illustration, p-clips and other rubber cable clips are frequently made of stainless steel or steel with a rubber lining. They are pretty good at absorbing vibrations and electrical insulation because of these materials.

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