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Zip ties are commonly referred to as cable ties, and there is a type of fastener used to join cables or other objects securely. These ties are utilized in a wide range of applications due to their low cost and simplicity. Some zip ties have a tab that must be depressed in order to release the ratchet, allowing them to be removed and later reused. Versions made of stainless steel, some of which have a hard plastic coating, are appropriate for usage in hazardous environments and outdoors. We Nirah Distributors will offer the most extensive selection of cable ties and best-in-class cable tie tools with the highest tensile and endurance strength.

Benefits of using Zip Ties:

With a plastic snap to hold the cable firmly in place and a strong nylon cord with a 18 to 200 pounds tensile strength, heavy duty zip ties considerably reduce the likelihood of escape. The restraints cannot be broken without the use of scissors or human assistance because of the strengthened material.

Ten zip ties weigh less than ten metal handcuffs, which weigh approximately ten ounces each.

In contrast to metal cuffs, zip ties are constructed of rust-proof nylon that has been tested in laboratories. Zip ties distributor provides you to use it for every environment, including hot, cold, damp, and dry. Additionally, they are UV-resistant, preventing the material from quickly degrading.

The industrial zip ties are extra-large loops that can be adjusted to fit the varied wrist, forearm, and ankle sizes.

Buy zip ties online helps to deal with multiple suspects during an arrest and eliminates the need to fumble. We Nirah distributors offer the best industrial zip ties.


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The 50 lb. capacity of standard cable ties tensile power. The tensile strength for Light Heavy Duty Cable Ties is 120 lbs. The tensile strength for heavy duty cable ties is 175 lbs.
If exposed to the elements, some claim that the longevity of these ties ranges from a minimum of 5 years to a maximum of 10 years. But those are premium cable ties in a dark colour. The use is typically substantially less when using white cable ties, with estimates of a year or less.

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