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Buy Cable Zip Ties online from Nirah Distributors

Nirah Distributors, a women-owned family enterprise, specializes in industrial-strength cable management products such as Zip ties | Cable ties. Established in 2022, our family brings over 30 years of expertise to the Cable Tie distribution business. Leveraging our leadership team's background in manufacturing, supply chain management, and technology, we ensure streamlined and cost-effective operations, enabling us to offer the most competitive bulk prices for quality cable management products in North America.

Benefits of using Zip Ties:

Our premium quality Cable Zip Ties are made with high quality nylon ranging from 18 to 200 pounds in tensile strength. Our heavy duty zip ties cannot be tempered with once fastened.

Zip ties are easy and light to carry yet extremely strong

Our zip ties are constructed of rust-proof nylon that has been tested in laboratories. Nirah distributor provides high quality cable zip ties can be used in any environment, including hot, cold, damp, and dry. Additionally, they are UV-resistant, preventing the material from quickly degrading.

Our industrial zip ties are available in many sizes and colors. This will allow you to find the cable zip ties ideal for your needs

Buy zip ties online helps to deal with multiple suspects during an arrest and eliminates the need to fumble. We Nirah distributors offer the best industrial zip ties.


if some questions ?

Explore the widest selection of Zip Ties products for purchase on Nirah Distributors, your premier online shopping destination. Offering unparalleled prices and swift delivery, Nirah Distributors presents an exceptional and diverse range sourced from across the globe

Yes, Nirah distributors is one of the largest importer of premium quality Cable Zip Ties in Mid-west (Greater Chicago Area). We are family operated small business

Tensile strength of our zip ties ranges from 18 lbs – 175 lbs. 

The lifespan or durability of zip ties, also known as cable ties, can vary depending on factors such as exposure to sunlight, temperature fluctuations, and the material composition of the ties. In general, high-quality nylon zip ties can last for several years when used indoors and are protected from harsh environmental conditions.

If used outdoors or exposed to sunlight, UV-resistant zip ties are recommended to prolong their life. However, even with UV resistance, exposure to extreme weather conditions may eventually cause deterioration.

It’s essential to inspect zip ties regularly for any signs of wear, damage, or brittleness. If they show signs of degradation, it’s advisable to replace them to ensure their continued effectiveness. In optimal conditions, well-manufactured zip ties can maintain their strength and functionality for a reasonably long period.

About us

Nirah distributors was born in Glenview, IL (Chicago Area) in 2022. We are women owned family business that specializes in PA 66 Nylon Cable Ties.


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