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Cable Gland

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A mechanical tool called a Cable Gland is used while installing electrical power cables and wires. Its primary role is sealing and terminating devices and ensuring the safety of electrical apparatus and enclosures. As it guarantees environmental protection, earth continuity, and holding force on the cable, the employment of cable glands takes on multiple dimensions. Sealing on the exterior cable sheath aids in keeping dust and moisture out of the electrical or instrument enclosure. Cable glands for armoured cables may be tested to see if they can withstand a good peak short circuit fault current. In order to provide acceptable levels of mechanical line pull-out resistance, it applies to hold the force to the cable. In addition to their various advantages, cable gland distributor help with automatic stress relief, bonding, insulation, and grounding. Additionally, Nirah Distributors can seal cables that go through gland plate bulkheads.

Tips for choosing the right cable gland

Different glands are needed for every cable utilized in a given application. For instance, flex cables are required for portable electrical equipment since they are suitable for repeated and continual mobility. In this application, specific cable gland types can guard against conductor fatigue that is already present. An aluminium gland is required on a single core wire to prevent the gland from overheating from the circulation current. As a result, the choice of cable glands is determined by the kind of cable being used.

For proper cable feed through, the gland's hole diameter is determined by the cable diameter. Incorrect gland selection results in incorrect fitting, which might further cause conductor damage.

The cable glands also offer protection from heat, vibration, shock, impact, dust, gases, and other elements. Therefore, these parameters must be considered when choosing glands for these applications.

The choice of gland materials is crucial, and the fabric of the gland should offer sufficient resistance to external conditions, including dust, moisture, shock, and vibration, among others. For instance, there should be no cold flow, and the distributor cable gland helps you to utilise an electrical panel that operates at severe vibration levels.

A specialized standards body's approval of the cable gland is required, along with local permissions where people's safety is a top priority. The industrial cable glands in an explosive environment must adhere to UL 94V-2 standards. The cable glands used outside, where they are exposed to water and dust, must meet IP 68 ingress protection standards. Additionally, cable glands should have UR, CUR, UL, and CSA marks.

For cable gland, earth tags offer a means of earth bond attachment. Earth tags are required for applications that require an immediate discharge of energy from the cable gland to the ground in the case of a fault.

A single seal gland might allow corrosive and moisture vapour to get through and affect the cable. When using double compression cable glands, they might use weatherproof versions if the surroundings are dusty.

Cable glands are connectors that seal cable ends and fasten them to plugs, terminals, enclosures, or electrical equipment. Nirah distributors provide flexible and quality material without leaking gas from the instruments for the best function and quality material.


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The cable glands have an IP 68-5 BAR rating comparable to NEMA 6P. The gland clamping range is extensive. Nuts are not included with NPT-style cable glands.
The cable joints are harmed by environmental contaminants like dirt, oil, or water and may even become separated from the electrical components. In order to prevent cables from being tugged and twisted out of the machine, cable glands are used. Using cable glands, maintain earth continuity in an armoured cable.
Gaskets are included with cable glands for bulkhead placement. When you are putting them, it creates a seal against the interior of the surface. Therefore they are water resistant.
Three elements make up these cable glands: two gland halves, a split sealing grommet, and a hexagonal locknut. As a result, pre-assembled cables can be routed without removing the plugs.

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